Coffee is no longer merely a caffeine delivery system it is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Access to specialty coffees has never been easier. There’s no reason why you can’t capitalize on this movement and brew-up the best for yourself!

Boyers Coffee

For over fifty years, Boyer's Coffee has been made with 100% hand-selected Arabica beans, slow roasted at altitude, which means less humidity and a slower burn. Available In-Stores and Online. Learn more about Boyers Coffee!

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cof·fee \ˈkȯ-fē, ˈkä-\
noun, often attributive

a : a beverage made by percolation, infusion, or decoction from the roasted and ground seeds of a coffee plant

b : The best drink ever... glory...
Example : " I would like some coffee." "what will it be..?" "Medium double double." - Michelle, Urban Dictionary

c : liquid intelligence
Example : "My caffeine induced ramblings are critically acclaimed. Coffee is ingenuity." - Cowbella, Urban Dictionary

There’s a new artisanal brew in town, and it’s revitalizing an age-old beverage. Craft Coffee - coffee with intention - offering a cup of high-quality coffee with distinct flavor nodes, while engaging consumers in the story of their coffee.


When it comes to coffee it's easy to put your money where your conscience is. But to do that, you have to understand coffee certifications and labels. Coffee ethics are centered around the people who produce it and the environment. Beware of little regulations. Keep in mind that sometimes the barrier for an official label are the fees.

Learn more about Ethical Coffee & FairTrade Coffee

Westrock Coffee

Product Review


"Delicious! I'm a big coffee drinker and this coffee is my first choice!" ~ Marcia Dickey Smith, Facebook Review


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